Teedet 99 Fight

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 at 06:30 p.m.

FightsName - GymVSName - GymWeight
1Detdong Teedet 99VSMangonYok S.Tanapon100
2NinjaTao S.J.TongprajeenVSKarnpet S.ViengSing100
3Lorlek YuiKarnchangVSYoddungjai S.JMontri106
4Penglong SakchaichotVSSuperjoke Sitlumhun136
5Keypayak A.PetnamnungVSMuangchon C.Kongtong115
6Fameeta Teedet 99VSSamaoinoi Dangkalsai120
7 HilightMohawk Teedet 99VSChokplanrit P.Lakboon111
8Yodkangwan S.TantipVSKewpet Kritpaison111
9Teelek ABT.NongbualampoonVSAumnatdet Sitnayokmot106


Lumpinee boxing stadium was established on the eighth of December, 1956. It’s one of Thailand ‘s seven standard boxing stadiums. It’s famous not only creating and producing leading Thai boxers but also promoting the arts of Thai boxing both domestically and internationally.

Lumpinee Boxing stadium also produces many western boxers to become world Championship holders. For domestic activities, it encourages to produce career to the boxers, the promoters including presents entertainment to all who are interesting in this particular sports.


Lumpinee Boxing Stadium It is not only the purpose of the Thai martial arts. However, we are focused on strengthening health and fitness. Promoting Thai boxing both domestically and internationally. The focus is on the production of many western boxers to participate in the World Championship.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium Rented space with the Bureau of the Crown Property. The original land of the first boxing stadium has been broken. It is necessary that the board of directors of the Lumpini Boxing Stadium. Move to the new place. Go to the Army Sports Development Center at Ram Intra Road, close to the Army Golf Club.

The new Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. The design is more standard and larger. The fox fan is ready to support both Thai and foreigners in all seasons.