Why must Wai Kru in Muay Thai?

“Muay Thai” or “Thai boxing” is a popular sport of health lovers. Whether Thais or foreigners, we surely believe that no one rejects knowing this sport. Main reasons for new generation to become more interested in Muay Thai are burning fat, building up muscles, and strengthening the body. It is a fun, not boring sport, and help women for self-protection from unforeseen dangers.

The charm of Muay Thai is a gentle martial art but hidden with mental strength of players. Maintaining the unique style of Wai Kru, which is the beautiful charm of Muay Thai and full of profound Thai meaning. This ceremony is like maintaining Thai nationality and knowing the gratefulness to the patron and nation.

No surprises that more playing, more charming in Muay Thai. Importantly, it helps emotional and mental development, meditation, good personality, and enhancing the glory for women to have a healthy look and great personality.