“Mongkon (Blessed Headband)” The Superstition of Muay Thai

The Mongkon is a blessed headband. It is worn during the Wai Khru ceremony, which is an ancient rituals that are believed to bring the boxers luck, happiness, and victory.

Traditionally, the Mongkon is made from holy thread or cotton yarn that has been consecrated by the master with incantations power. Then roll, knit, or wrap around the circle loop from a uroboros. The ancient people believed that a uroboros would have supernatural mysterious powers. The power of hypnosis leads to win the opponent and to build up spirit and encouragement. With consecrated holy thread from the master, thus miraculously winning an opponent.

At present, the ancient auspicious ceremony has been lost. Rarely we will find the original consecrated Mongkons, found only the Mongkons are sold in the market.